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As long as the world lasts, so long shall last the renown, the glory of Mexico-Tenochtitlan - Chimalpain Cuauhtlehuanitzin
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56 - El Divo

Few may recognize the name Alberto Aguilera Valadez. But almost everyone in the Spanish speaking world knows Juan Gabriel.

Although he has never publicly outed himself as gay (deflecting all questions around the topic in typical Juan Gabriel flair with “lo que se ve no se pregunta”), he has done more for queer visibility in Latin America than any other musician or performer.

A talented songwriter and beloved singer, Juan Gabriel continues to charm audiences with his voice and of course his unrepentant penchant for theatrics.

Como Juan Gabriel, nadie.


"podría esperarte una eternidad”


Camino al trabajo


Bellas Artes - Mexico City


Columpios on Flickr.

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El Distrito Federal es una ciudad que tiene origen de quimera, sacada del agua, levantada sobre el agua. Los mexicanos viven sobre lo inestable, trampa, marisma y pantano a la vez. Aquí lo real y lo irreal se confunden.

— Elena Poniatowska, Leonora. (via libroabrazos)


Tlalpan sept 2013


Walking the D.F. (no. 3) / 2013 / Pedro de Almeida



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